Simon Jakobsson is a Lead UX designer turned management consultant based in London, UK. He works with corporate innovation, cultural transformation programmes, product development and strategy for some of the world’s largest companies, and have a wealth of experience working with senior management teams in Europe, North America, and Asia.

He is currently working at Market Gravity, a London based proposition design consultancy, where he oversees prototyping workstreams, supports team development, runs workshops and research sessions, all as part of a cross-functional team.

Prior to joining Market Gravity, he has a diverse background – He graduated with distinction from the Interactive Art Director programme at Hyper Island in Stockholm, he holds a journeyman certificate from having worked as a goldsmith for seven years, he worked at a digital production agency in Sweden, a interactive advertising agency in Los Angeles, and has attended music college in Hollywood, CA.

In his free time he helps with advising small business, reads, travels, plays music, and he is currently working on his production and storytelling skills in a personal vlog.

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